Welcome to Philly

It finally happened.


I’m posting this for my good friend Jawny. He wanted me to pass on to our readers that he is currently crying of happiness.

Well, it finally happened, through the ups and downs, the ins and outs, the anger, MLB the show (like literally fuck this game), and everything in between, THE PHILLIES DID IT.  The Phillies signed Bryce Harper, and the Phillies are relevant. Bryce Harper, in citizens bank park, has a chance to break home run records. Bryce harper made the right call by coming to the hitter friendly, easy playing outfield of CBP.  John Middleton made the right call, going after a guy who will excite this entire city and get CBP back to the bustling days of the sellout-record crowds from decade ago. This took a long time, but who cares. Its over, we have our guy, lets go get a pennant baby!!!

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