Super Bowl Prop Bets

Freshman and Brainiac’s Prop Picks for the big game

Greg Zuerlein-  FG ATTEMPTED IN THE 1ST HALF OVER 1 ( -150 )

Brainiac: I expect a lot of field goals attempted in this game, and one field goal in the first half seems low. Just two attempted field goals by Zuerlein in the first half will win you money.

Freshman: I think the over is a lock here. THe Patriots defense really seems to somehow always bend but not break so I think the rams will be able to move the ball but be forced to kick at least a few field goals.ALso,


Brainiac: It’s obviously a long shot, but it’s worth throwing a few dollars down with 50/1 odds. All that needs to happen is a short yardage situation and a classic Brady QB sneak into the endzone.

Freshman: This is like Kevin from the Office “If anyone offers you 10,000/1 odds on anything you take it.”Is this very likely? No but +5000 is too big not to put anything on it.

New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams – Will the opening kickoff be a touchback (No +160)

Brainiac: I’ve listened to too many betting podcasts in the last week regarding the Super Bowl, and this is one that I have heard some insider information about. A few guys have said that neither team wants to kick touchbacks. +160 for this is pretty valuable, so I think it is a quality bet as long as the sharps are accurate with their insider info.

Freshman: I think the Patriots will win the coin toss (because of course they will) and elect to kickoff. WIth that being said, I think the young Rams players will want to try and start out hot and return anything that is kicked to them. I’ll also take No +160

New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams – Total sacks in the game (Over 4 +110)

Brainiac: Brady hasn’t been touched much all year, but I think it is going to be tough for the Patriots to let up less than three sacks with the Rams’ firepower on the defensive line. Then the Patriots would only need two sacks for this to hit the over, and they’re more than capable of that.

Freshman: I think the Patriots are going to gameplan to neutralize the Rams defensive line. I honestly don’t see Tom Brady getting sacked more than once in this game so that leave Jared Goff to get sacked 4 more times for the over to hit. I know I dont believe in unders but i think you have to take the Under here.

New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams – Team with most time of possession (Pats -135)

Brainiac: This is going to be a pretty popular bet for people on the props. Everyone expects the Pats to control the time of possession like they usually do. This is going to be a crucial part of their gameplan, so jump on the bandwagon and go with Pats with most TOP.

Freshman: While the odds arent good in terms of betting, you would be an absolute morron to think that the Patriots won’t dominate TOP in the Super Bowl.

New England Patriots Vs Los Angeles Rams – Largest Lead Of The Game (After Conversion Attempt) (Under 14.5 pts. -105)

Brainiac: This is going to be a pretty close game throughout all 60 minutes. I could see the largest lead stretching out to ten points, but 14.5 is absurdly high. A two touchdown lead will still win you this bet and at -105 it’s a no-brainer.

Freshman: I guess the theme of the day is unders because I think this game will be close throughout the whole game.


Brainiac: Even with the boot that Greg Zuerlein possesses, I still don’t see a kicker having a field goal that beats the total points scored. No one is going to make a 60 yarder, and it’s just going to take some offense to put a field goal out of range of the total points scored. With the O/U being in the high 50s and me thinking that the points will hit the over, don’t hesitate on this bet that has a lot of value at -135.

Freshman: I think this game is going to feature a ton of points so I don’t see see either kicker putting one in from 55+. This is another bet that is -135 so you won’t be getting even money on it but I think its a lock

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