Disco’s Dozen

Pitt suffered another heartbreaking loss on Saturday afternoon, falling 79-76 to NC State.

My 12 thoughts following another devastating Pitt loss.

  1. Another game. Another loss. Losing sucks, especially when its a game that Pitt had numerous opportunities to win.
  2. Pitt’s offense flowed better than it has of late. 76 points is a nice number for this team, and we got big contributions from Jared Wilson-Frame, Sidy N’Dir, and Xavier Johnson (like usual).
  3. The defense was a different story. Pitt was killed by NC State’s ability to shoot the 3 pointer and their inability to guard the 3 point line is the biggest reason they lost this game.
  4. The blackout uniforms are so sharp. The only negative about them is that they make me miss Rozelle Nix. He shined when wearing the black jersey (garbage bag with the Pitt script slapped on the front).
  5. For being such a young group, Pitt is really good offensively at the end of games. Jeff Capel feels very confident in Xavier Johnson’s late game abilities, and Johnson is very good at making plays during the last minutes of games.
  6. The defense is not good late game. They’re not very good in general, but especially in crunch time. They struggle to get much-needed stops, and it is something they’re going to have to improve on if they want to win close games like today’s.
  7. Khameron Davis doesn’t play much but when he does, he brings great energy to the floor. He is very limited in his offensive ability, but he is a dog on defense and puts in a ton of effort on the boards.
  8. Its kind of a shame that Malik Ellison didn’t play today. I’m not his biggest fan, but I have to admit that he has been playing much better of late. For the sake of his confidence, it would’ve been great to see him out there today and keep his hot streak rolling.
  9. Pitt finished with a total of 8 blocks today, five of them coming from Terrell Brown. A truly impressive number, especially for team as small as Pitt.
  10. Today was probably Pitt’s best performance on the boards. They actually won the rebound battle with a 37-36 performance.
  11. The only negative of the rebounding aspect of the game was that 20 of the 36 rebounds Pitt allowed were offensive rebounds.
  12. Pitt goes up to Boston College on Tuesday night. This should be one of Pitt’s best chances to win before the end of the season. For the sake of the fans, Pitt needs to come home with a win.

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