Our leader and co-founder. This man has been responsible for creating the site and logo, and has put in more work than any body to make this dream come true. He’s still in a World Series hangover from his beloved Red Sox, but he will be blogging and creating content on all things MLB, with a little NBA and NFL mixed in.



Also a co-founder of The Chatter. I know very little in this world, but what I do know mostly pertains to useless information about baseball. My main content will come in the forms of MLB, Philadelphia 76ers and Phillies blogs, and anything to do with the Pitt Panthers. As I said before, I live in Southeastern Ohio so I will be looking for any reason to blog as a distraction from the fact that I live in Southeastern Ohio.



Our first non-drunk taker to join the blog. He states that he has the biggest brain in the company, but that is still very much up for debate. His above average hand-eye coordination will lead to some great Notre Dame coverage. He will also be blogging NBA, MLB, and NCAA football and basketball. His crippling gambling habit will also be a source of content



Our stinkiest member of the crew. A former high school quarterback and first Chatter member to grow hair on his ass and balls, Skater will mostly be producing content in the form of podcasts. He is an expert on sports gambling, and knows all things Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins.



Twin brother of our commissioner but will be blogging more NFL content than his YOUNGER brother. Although his brother is our Commissioner, founder, and leader, Moose will be using his old age to dominant his brother on the blog. His main source of content will come from Yankees and Steelers blogs.



Our goofiest blogger and possibly angriest. His twitter feed will speak volumes as to his thoughts on sports. Born just outside of Philadelphia, most of his blogs will be covering the Eagles, Phillies, and Flyers. Definitely not Sixers blogs though, because according to him, “basketball stinks out loud.” Will also be serving on “The Pop-Up Pod” with Disco and Commish if we can ever figure out how to record a podcast.



Social media expert for The Chatter. He is in charge of our main twitter account and will be in charge of any other social media if we ever take any initiative to expand (unlikely). He is by far the funniest member of the crew and will be serving on podcasts and videos. A basketball and football fan, he will also keep up on the Cavs, Steelers, and LeBron.