About Us

Welcome to The Chatter Sports, a new online blog serving to produce some sports, gambling, and miscellaneous content. Started by a college friend group with a little too much time on our hands, our goal is to provide our takes on sports, tell some of our stupid stories, and give the public another website to distract them from their boring day at work or school. In each blogger we have a different personality, different sense of thought and expertise, and a different sense of humor that we will try to convey through blogs, videos, and podcasts.

As a group, we all started listening to podcasts around the same time period in college and always talked about starting our own. Because we lacked the energy and were overall too dumb and lazy to take any step forward in the process, the idea sat in our minds until 2:30am every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night after a long night at the bar. When we got home and were shoving pizza in our faces, we always talked (yelled at each other) about how great we could be with our own podcast.

Fast forward a year or two, and we find ourselves at a Thursday night Steeler game. Commish and myself seemed to have a little too much to drink that night, and as we sat in our endzone seats three miles from the field, we again began discussing our podcast. But this time, we decided to take this idea a step further and create an entire blog. As we discussed this, Skater and pretty much our entire section all listened in on how stupid our drunk conversation was. After the game, we went back to Commish’s apartment for some drinks and ended up staying up until 4am to discuss our new idea. After an entire weekend of drinking and intoxicated conversations about our blog, we parted ways. I made my way back to my paradise away from home that is Southeastern Ohio and he stayed in his luxurious Pittsburgh apartment. But this weekend had been different. This weekend we had actually come up with some serious ideas that we could build around. We had a name. We had a logo idea. We continued to talk just about everyday about the new blog and how we were actually going to make it work. Commish got in the ear of some of our friends from college and together we have put together a solid team that we think can cover a wide range of topics with a good sense of humor.